Moneystown National School

"Festina Lente - Hasten Slowly"




















On behalf of the Board of Management and Staff, I would like to express my gratitude to you all for adhering so well to all of the restrictions and adaptations that we have had to implement over the past nine weeks. Your co-operation and support has been great and it is our sincere hope that going forward, these continued efforts will enable us to keep our school a safe environment for all. I have just a few things to bring to your attention: I wish to reassure you that we do not use Virapro hand sanitiser in our school. You may have heard on the news this morning that this product has been recalled. From Nov 2nd through to Feb 12th, pupils are permitted to wear their PE uniform every day. There will be a day where pupils will be requested to wear their full uniform for the purposes of class photographs, but I will make you aware of this in advance. From Nov 2nd, all pupils are asked to bring a clean face-cloth with them every day for the purposes of drying their hands. I would suggest that you purchase 5 face-cloths, send in a clean one every day in the lunchbox and then wash all 5 at the weekends. These are available at a very reasonable price in all large retail stores. Please also ensure that you child has their own small hand-sanitiser and tissues. Once again, thank you so much for your support. Wishing all of you a restful and safe midterm break.
Mary Tallon