Moneystown National School

"Festina Lente - Hasten Slowly"

Moneystown is a co-educational Catholic Primary School under the patronage of the Dublin Archdiocese whose patron is the Archbishop of Dublin. We welcome all children, respecting the diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in Irish society. In our school community we aim to cultivate a caring and stimulating environment where every child is enabled to realise his/her full potential - morally, socially, emotionally and academically and which encourages respect for him/herself, for others and for the child’s own environment. The curriculum is a fundamental focal point on which the whole school pivots.The Primary School Curriculum outlines the contents of children's learning - the what and how of children's learning. For a child's first eight years in school the curriculum aims to:
  • develop each child's potential to the full
  • encourage a love of learning
  • help children develop skills they will use all their lives.
The curriculum is presented in seven areas. These are:
  1. Language: Gaeilge and English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social, environmental and scientific education SESE:history, geography and science
  4. Arts education:visual arts,music and drama
  5. Physical Education
  6. Social, personal and health education SPHE
  7. Religious or ethical education
A strong emphasis is placed on Literacy and Numeracy. All subjects that are set out by the Department of Education and Skills are taught in the school. We strongly believe that education is about developing the whole person. Moneystown National School nutures the individual needs of all our pupils. The Literacy curriculum which is made up of Irish and English incorporates a total language experience. It is divided into oral language, reading and writing.
Mathematics is made up of numbers, algebra, shape and space, measures and data. We use IXL as an online learning tool for all classes. Environmental and Scientific Education - S.E.S.E is made up of History, Geography and Science. Digital Learning is an integral part of learning in Moneystown National school. Chidren from JI to 6th class have access to to Microsoft Surfaces, Ipads and Chrome books. MNS endeavours to incorporate digital learning as a key element of all curricular areas. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive panel or smartboard.