Moneystown National School

"Festina Lente - Hasten Slowly"

Board of Management
The Primary objective of every Board of Management is to ensure that the school is managed in a manner that provides all of its pupils with the best possible education. Our Principal, Mary Tallon is responsible for the day to day running of our school, including guidance and direction of the teachers and other staff of the school. Ms Tallon is accountable to the Board for that management. A new Board is decided upon every four years. The Board comprises of the following:
  • Parish Nominee- John Byrne(Chairperson)
  • Parish Nominee- Fr.Owen Lynch(Parish Priest)
  • Principal- Mary Tallon(Secretary)
  • Teacher Nominee- Louise Conheady
  • Community Nominee- Paul Marah(Treasurer)
  • Community Nominee- Jackie Kavanagh
  • Parent Nominee - Eileen Salley
  • Parent Nominee- David Clancy

Whole School Evaluations are carried out by The Department of Education on all primary schools. The date of the last Whole School Evaluation was April 2013. The evaluation can be downloaded through the following link Whole School Evaluation