Moneystown National School

"Festina Lente - Hasten Slowly"

Moneystown National School is located in the heart of County Wicklow. Moneystown is located between Roundwood Village and Rathdrum on the L1091. Moneystown National School (MNS) is a country school embedded in the heart of the community. MNS currently has 116 pupils with 5 mainstream teachers,2 learning support and 1 special class. Please see below for staff listing.
School Staff

The school was established on 1st September 1887 with Miss Rose Madden the first principal teacher. Over the years Moneystown N.S. has grown from a one-teacher school to an eight-teacher school. In 2006 the old building was completely refurbished and extended at a cost of €2.3 million. A further extension was built in June 2014. The school now comprises of five new permanent classrooms, library, staff room, resource room, special class, ancillary rooms and P.E. Hall. Moneystown N.S. operates under the guidelines of the Department of Education and Skills and follows the D.E.S. curriculum.