Moneystown National School

"Festina Lente - Hasten Slowly"

Principal's Address to 6th Class
Congratulations! You have reached the finish line of the journey that began eight years ago when you walked through the door of Moneystown National School, a small child, in awe of the new world of Junior Infants. Since then you have been through countless experiences, all of which provided you with opportunities to learn and grow and mature to the young adult that you have now become.
2020 brought with it a very different finish to your primary school days, one that we have not witnessed before in this country. The arrival of Covid-19 caused the closure of schools and the cancellation of so many events you were looking forward to. Each of you responded so positively to the sudden and unprecedented shift to distance learning and I am immensely proud of your efforts. In his address to 6th class pupils earlier this month, President Michael D. Higgins stated that one thing that was not and could not be cancelled in the last few months, was the connection you had with your fellow pupils and teachers and all those who make your school community such an important part of your life. This can certainly be said of the school community here in Moneystown and through creativity, determination and perseverance we stayed connected. Well done on your patience, hard work and engagement during this very difficult time.
As a school community we have been privileged to share with you all of the many experiences that you encountered during your time with us. We applaud and congratulate you on how much you have achieved across all aspects of school life and we are very proud of you. I sincerely hope that you will remember with great fondness your time as a pupil of Moneystown N.S. and that you will always be proud to say you were a part of this school community.
As you embark on this new adventure, remember that you are not alone. During challenging times your parents and your teachers will be there to listen to you and support you. Surround yourself with good friends and remember that honesty, hard work and respect for yourself and others are values that will serve you well. Embrace all new opportunities as they arise and draw strength from that wonderful foundation that you worked so hard to put in place during your time in Moneystown N.S. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. I know that each of you will bring your own uniqueness to your new surroundings and will enrich your new school community just as you did here in Moneystown N.S. Believe in yourself and your abilities and have the courage to make a difference. JK Rowling said: "We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”
On behalf of the Board of Management, Staff and Pupils of Moneystown N.S., I wish you every success and happiness throughout your secondary school education and beyond. As the class of 2020, you will be fondly remembered and will always be welcome to come back and visit us. Go n-éirí an t-adh leat! Ms Tallon


















Welcome to the Moneystown National School website. It is designed to provide you with an insight into the everyday life of our school, including the unique and wonderful opportunities that are afforded to the children of Moneystown NS. As Principal, I am immensely proud of the learning environment that we have at Moneystown NS. We have an incredibly dedicated staff, a supportive parent body, a very hard working Board of Management and the most wonderful group of pupils who are always at the centre of everything that we do. I hope you enjoy browsing through our website and that you get an understanding of the warm and welcoming school community that is Moneystown NS.
Mary Tallon