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Yard Duty and Breaktime Guidelines

A rota for yard duty is drawn up every September consisting of staff members. The rota is then displayed in the staffroom. The SNA is included in this rota as part of their duties.

Consideration is given to other school activities and commitments when allocating days to staff members. Members of staff will cover for colleagues to facilitate other school business / personal circumstances.

Five staff members supervise during break times (10.30 – 10.40a.m. and 12.30p.m – 1.00p.m.).

The pupils may only exit onto the yard when a member of staff is on duty.  Pupils leave their class rooms in an orderly fashion and must walk calmly outside.

Pupils must finish eating before exiting onto the yard. No food, drinks, collectables, toys etc. are permitted on the yard.

With the class teacher’s permission, pupils may finish their lunch in the corridor facing onto the yard, where they can be visually monitored by the teacher on yard.

At parents’ request, pupils may be permitted to spend break time in the corridor outside of 1st / 2nd class. The class teacher may also give permission to pupils to spend break time in this corridor.

Pupils are not permitted to return to their classrooms during break times without permission from the teacher on duty.

Pupils must not leave the yard without permission from the teacher on duty.

Pupils must remain visible at all times and areas such as behind the pump house, the boiler house, the pond,  front of the school, the oil tank etc., are strictly out of bounds for all pupils.

During dry weather the pupils may be permitted to use the pitch as a play space.

During winter periods pupils are not permitted to walk on the grass / muddy areas.

During break time the pupils must adhere to the school Code of Behaviour. Any serious breach of school rules is immediately reported to both class teacher and principal. (See Detention Guidelines).

Aladdin is used to record any issues that arise during break time and an accident log is maintained.

Ice packs are available from both the classrooms / staff room for minor bangs and falls.

A first aid box is available in the staffroom if needed. The Principal is consulted if the First Aid box is used. Parents are also informed via phone / in person at home time or in a written message in the  child's homework journal.

The teacher on yard may decide to call for additional supervision support to allow them to deal with an incident personally or, the pupil involved may be sent to the staffroom to have the incident dealt with.

Due to inclement weather pupils may need to spend break times indoors. The classes are supervised by two teaching members of staff and the S.N.As and pupils from 5th /6th may assist with activities for the younger classes.

The school bell marks the start and end of break times. The 5th / 6th class pupils have a responsibility for ringing the bell at each break. Pupils must line up in an orderly fashion before returning to class with their class teacher.

There is no yard supervision before or after school. Classes assemble in their class lines as they arrive in the morning. The class teacher will bring each class off the yard at 8.50am.

All children are dismissed form their class lines at 1.30/2.30pm. Parents are requested to collect the children from the school yard and ensure they leave the school in an orderly fashion.

Children are not permitted to play on school grounds before or after school.