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Savings Scheme

Following a process of consultation and collaboration with the parent body a ‘School Saving Scheme' was introduced in September 2012.  While the school makes every effort to minimise school related costs, the scheme was introduced to alleviate any financial burden families may be experiencing. The scheme is completely optional.

It is anticipated that a €5 saving per child per week, which will adequately cover all school related costs throughout the year.

At the beginning of the new school year each family is issued a box of envelopes which are dated and include the family ID number.

Parents may choose to pay a lump sum at the start of the year/term or may choose to save €5 per week, €10 per fortnight or €20 per month using the envelopes provided.

The following school related costs will be deducted from each child’s balance:

  • stationery/art & craft money (€50)

  • pupil insurance (if you choose to avail of the cover)

  • school tours and fieldtrips

  • curricular activities and initiatives.

The eldest child in each family brings in the savings envelope each week with the amount marked clearly on the outside of the envelope.  Class teachers have a folder & collection sheets. They collect the envelopes and maintain a record of who has saved on a weekly basis.

Folders are sent to the office and the secretary opens all envelopes, checks amounts & updates balances weekly on Excel Sheet. All envelopes are held on file until the end of the year.

The secretary and Ann Doyle count the money and Ann makes lodges the money in the An Post account every Friday.

The school pay all expenses and will be reimbursed from the saving scheme termly.

A statement will be issued at the end of each term for each child showing savings, deductions made to date and balances. At the end of the school year all balances will be refunded. Receipts will not be issued on a weekly basis.