Moneystown National School

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Routines and General Information

On arrival at school in the morning children assemble in their class lines in the playground. Parents/Guardians are welcome to escort children to their line and remain with them. Class teachers will escort their respective lines to the classroom at 8.50 am. Supervision is not available for children on school grounds prior to school opening hours.

On wet mornings, children should assemble in the shelter.  Beginning with the Infants, the children will be called in class order by their teacher to enter the school.

Classes will be dismissed from their class lines in the playground at the end of the school day also.

On wet evenings all classes will line up in the corridor outside their classrooms. Parents are kindly requested to collect the children from their class lines inside the building, entering through the back door, next to the First & Second classroom, and exiting by the side door next to the staff room.

In the case of children travelling by school bus, the school has no responsibility for their actions on the bus, or for escorting them from the bus. In the evening the children are escorted safely to the bus by an adult. Children who arrive by bus must travel home by bus, unless the school are notified by parents/guardians of the alternative arrangements.

Children who arrive late (after 9am) or leave early must be signed in or signed out respectively by a parent/guardian in the 5th/6th class classroom.

When it is necessary for a pupil to leave school early, a note must be sent to the class teacher. Any person collecting a child on behalf of the parent will only be permitted to take the child if the parent has contacted/notified the school beforehand.

In the event of a pupil being absent from school through illness or for any other reason, the class teacher should be informed by note on the pupils return to school.  If it is anticipated that the absence will be of lengthy duration, the class teacher should be informed by note or telephone call as soon as possible.

Please notify the school immediately if there are any changes to details given on the enrolment form e.g. changes in address, telephone/mobile numbers, or alternative contact numbers.

Please do not hesitate to speak with the class teacher or convey a message etc at drop off/pick up in the morning/evening. However parents are encouraged to arrange a more formal meeting at an agreed time to discuss less urgent/sensitive issues. A request to meet with a teacher can also be made via the school office.

Parents are advised to consult the Parents Notice board, inside the back door of the school,  on a regular basis for information on upcoming events, local news and ongoing school related updates. Additional copies of notes, letters, newsletters etc are available in the holder to the right of the board.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.