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Book Rental Scheme

Following a process of consultation and collaboration with the parent body a 'Book Rental Scheme' for all classes across all subject has been in operate since September 2012.  The scheme is the most effective way to minimise school costs for all families.

The school buys the books to be used by the pupils.  The books are then ‘rented’ out to the children.  Parents  pay a nominal sum per annum for the rent of the books.

A small number of books do not come under the scheme and individual teachers will issue booklists separately. Workbooks provided under the scheme with the exception of Handwriting and Jolly Phonics, are not written into by the children.

The Principal, as  Book Rental Coordinator, will maintain records of all monies collected and spent on Book Rental and advise the staff each year on how much is available to spend on new books. There will inevitably be an ongoing cost for repair and replacement.

The  Book Rental Scheme will become self-financing and eventually provides a large stock of books in the classroom for the Teacher’s use.

Participation in the scheme is not compulsory and those families who wish to buy their own books can do so.

The required books will be given to pupils on the first day back in September. Each book is numbered and labelled with the school stamp and the pupils name on the cover.  Each pupil will sign a receipt which would be retained in the school.

Parents must be vigilant and persistent in maintaining the books and in immediately identifying damaged or marked books.  Where the damage or marking is substantial, the parents of the child involved will be asked to replace the book.  This is a condition of joining the Book Rental Scheme.