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School Self- Evaluation in Moneystown National School

Moneystown National School has adopted the School Self-Evaluation Guidelines from the DES and acknowledge that that teachers must be at the heart of any effort to improve learning for our pupils. These Guidelines are designed to support teachers, principals and staff as they collaborate to ensure better outcomes for the young people in their schools.

The teaching staff of Moneystown National School recognise that some of the most beneficial changes in schools occur when the principal and teachers collaborate in a focussed way to improve how they teach and assess pupils’ learning. By asking questions of themselves about how teaching takes place and how well pupils are learning, teachers can readily identify what needs to change within the school to get better outcomes for their pupils.

School self-evaluation is simply a structure to enable teachers, principals and the management of schools to have that focussed conversation about teaching and learning. School self-evaluation seeks to build the capacity of teachers and schools to improve – the approaches and tools in these School Self-Evaluation Guidelines are simply ways to support that capacity building in our school.

School self-evaluation also empowers us to tell our own story. The DES recognises that each school’s context and work are unique. School self-evaluation enables Moneystown National School to affirm and celebrate what we are doing well, to decide on changes we would like to make based on the evidence we have gathered, and to report this to our school communities. We value the important input of parents and pupils in this process. It enables the school to share information about the standards of learning that students achieve in all aspects of their learning – academic, cultural, social and personal – in a meaningful way.

To date the Staff of Moneystown National School has reviewed the teaching and learning of both English and Maths.

Please find the reports relating to the Numeracy reviews here.

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